About Me

Hello, my name is Kyle Kingsley. I'm a Michigan born, world traveling nerd. I started my IT career in 2010 as an Apple technician where I was trained with customer service as the priority. I then progressed with many companies in a multitude of IT environments. I have vast experience in Mac, iPhone, PC and Android support. I am also familiar with Networking, Anti-Virus, Mobile Device Management, Software Deployment, and Technology training. Throughout my years, I have always been the "tech guy" that my friends and family come to for help. I gladly helped in any way I could and so I felt it was time to make this a business of my own. Please reach out if you have any questions or issues that need solving. 

Where am I now? 

Montpellier, France


I am currently a full time IT Manager for a French company in Jacou, France. However, I am still available for remote support, no matter the location. If you are in the Montpellier region, I will gladly meet you to discuss your needs.