Hourly Rates

Software support - €30/hour

Hardware repairs - €50/hour


Software Support


Having trouble with Word processing? Your favorite application won't open? You computer running slower than normal? I can help!

Audio Video


Get help upgrading and setting up your new home theatre. Time for a new TV but don't know what the best deal is? I will help you shop and answer the questions the people at Best Buy can't. I'll then set up your devices, connect them together and program the universal remote.

Data Restoration & Backups

Backing up data is extremely important. I will ensure that your data is properly backed up and secured so WHEN tragedy strikes and data is lost I can restore your important documents and settings with minimal downtime.

Virus Removal


Have an annoying virus that is making your computer unusable? I'll clean out the bad files and make sure your computer is properly protected from future attacks. 



From setting up a home wireless network to managing a large scale enterprise network, I'm the man for the job. Ramp up your security with a quality Firewall and proper rules to prevent invasive attacks. 

Hardware Repair


Whether your laptop or phone was accidentally damaged or is in need of replacement parts after failure, I have the knowledge and experience to repair most devices.

Remote Support


With remote access online I can help solve many software problems and questions. I can help with Microsoft Office, printer set ups, internet connections, and many more common tech issues. All over the phone and connecting to your device remotely.